If you have cavity walls within your property and your walls are cracking or bulging, you may need cavity wall tie replacements.

Cavity wall ties are commonly made of metal coated in bitumen or zinc and are used to hold together a cavity wall system of two separate walls (an internal wall and external wall) which were introduced in the early 20th century to reduce the amount of heat lost from a property. However when these cavity wall ties begin to fail that they can compromise the structural integrity of the property, and if left for a long period of time, can lead to very costly structural repairs. 

Lancashire Sandblasting  have the experience and technology necessary for cavity wall tie replacement in a simple, non intrusive and cost effective manner. Using a combination of specialist equipment including metal detector, fibre optic boroscopes and low impact drills, we can seamlessly detect, find and replace any defective cavity wall ties quickly and easily, providing you with a permanent solution and preventing any further cracks appearing within your masonry.


Crack stitching is used when a building starts to get vertical cracking in the masonry. 

Lancashire Sandblasting ’s crack stitching repair process involves rods that are grouted across cracks in walls to reconnect and strengthen masonry. The process employs stainless steel reinforced rods that are chemically bonded into bed joints to stitch cracks found within a property, redistributing tensile forces and stabilising a structure. The bed joints are cut out with specialist dust extraction cutting equipment and then the crack stitching bar is grouted in place preventing any future movement. 

This quick,simple repair is non-disruptive so no additional stresses are put into the masonry yet it ensures an excellent bond within the substrate, allows the masonry to remain flexible enough to accommodate natural building movement provides a permanent and effective solution with minimal cost and little disruption.